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Actia Multidiag 2013 Vci Serial Number palmquaw




A: Gt about the VCI serial number, the ( documentation is a little confusing, it says: It is mandatory to select the correct VCI for the OBD2 connector. The VCI selection is done in the Actia Software’s software installer. It then goes on to describe in detail the correct sequence of instructions and what each step does, but it does not mention the VCI number. This is what you should do: Install the software from Install the software from the ISO (assuming your computer is an older version, you need the Windows "Service Pack 3" DVD). Run the ACTIA software. Select the VCI for the OBD2 connector. In your case, it should be 007179 since you have last software update dated 2013/12/01. EDIT: If you have a new computer, you need the Service Pack 1 and 2 DVDs. In the Actia Software web site, when you download the Actia Software and you find a link for the "Service Pack". Go to the Service Pack, select the DVD, run the software and install the Service Pack. The VCI will be the same as in the USB device. If you have installed the Software without the Service Pack, the VCI will be the same as the one in the USB device. In the web site, you have the software update table where you can check the updates for each version. Q: Get remote disk's partition table I have the CIFS share on a remote server, and I need to create a single image file to restore all the partitions to a new disk (both are maked by RedHat). Is there any command to get the partition table of that disk? A: I believe you're looking for sfdisk. From the sfdisk manual: Usage: sfdisk [OPTION...] partitionnumber Partition number can be between 1 and 4 (inclusive). If -h is specified, partition numbers start from zero. Options: -b, -s, --system System partition -d, --direct Mount on /dev/ device -u, --undelete




Actia Multidiag 2013 Vci Serial Number palmquaw

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