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What is PACE?

The Program for Achieving Character Education ( PACE ) is a faith-based character education curriculum for Kindergarten through 6th grade students in home and/or school environments.

Comprised of a manual and workbooks, PACE teaches children about morals, virtues, and good character traits – in other words, how to be good citizens.

PACE is the only comprehensive Catholic character education curriculum available on the market today!

The acronym PACE is used because the program is designed to set the pace for children's character development in the formal learning environment as well as in the home.


The introduction to, and study of, morally sound concepts can go a long way toward changing the attitudes and behavior of our children.


Multi-sensory exposures provided by listening, reading, writing, as well as discussing these stories, help to ensure that the moral content becomes part of the fabric of their knowledge.

Over the course of the year, students will read some of the best children's literature in the world. They will study the Bible and learn about the inspiring life of the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as the lives of many saints. In addition to engaging and meaningful discussions, students will have the opportunity to write about virtuous topics. Lastly, they'll learn songs, prayers, and poems; analyze famous artwork; and watch movies with moralistic themes.


All of these activities will enhance understanding of principled behavior which will, in turn, instill moral character in them for the rest of their lives.

There are TWO WAYS to implement the PACE curriculum:

  1. For a more flexible curriculum, use the PACE manual alone as a general resource.

  2. For a more structured curriculum, use the manual together with individual, grade-level PACE workbooks. (*Note that the workbooks are only compatible with the Catholic PACE manual.)

Why use PACE?

Expected Outcomes

consistent character-enhancing messages which produce more consistent behaviors

improved academic performance

developed trust among students through sharing and discussions

more knowledge and background to help students make sound decisions when faced with moral dilemnas

"I purchased the PACE manual about two years ago and have found myself wanting to spend all of school hours with my kids listening to them share and read stories out loud at the kitchen table...I was so touched listening to them today as they used their own words to share what they had read."

~ a homeschool parent

student self-improvement

learning of positive values through age-old, tried and tested stories and books

abstract concepts become more concrete through reading, writing, and discussion

development of character behaviors that encourage growth as a responsible citizen

"One of the things I like best about this study is how robust it is with ideas for all ages. I can see us using this as a spine for character education for years to come, all studying the same virtue over and over again but with different readings and levels of understanding. I'm looking forward to continuing our virtue studies next year."

~ a homeschool parent

PACE: Fast Facts

  • Christian homeschooling &school students from K-6th grades

  • No teacher/parent preparation required



  • PACE manual (works for all grade levels)

  • PACE workbooks (grade-level specific)

  • The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass by William Bennett

  • The Bible


  • WORK











  • The PACE manual costs $26.95 (+shipping).

  • The PACE workbooks cost $13.95 each (+shipping).


PACE Flowchart

PACE Core Curriculum Flowchart.png
PACE Supplements Flowchart.png
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