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Classic Literature and Virtue (CLAV) is the newest stand-alone workbook in the PACE curriculum, exploring the 10 PACE virtues through excerpts from timeless works of literature.

About CLAV

While reading stories about surviving on a desert island (The Swiss Family Robinson), lying about being sick to avoid going to school (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer), or sharing with others (A Little Princess), students will share in the characters' lives, learning from their successes and failures, behavior and decisions, which in turn will help shape their own character.


Purchase CLAV today and supply your students with quality literature that will aid them in dealing with important issues they will encounter throughout their lives.

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  • $11.95 


  • self-directed instruction for weekly/monthly study


 •   20 literary excerpts

 •   6 exercise sections per work

 •   answer key


  • 131-page digital download


  • 9-10 (suggested)


  • contextual intros for each excerpt

  • standardized testing-level vocab

  • easy adaptability to curriculum


As outlined above, CLAV can be used as a virtue supplement to your academic curriculum, but it can also be used as an English literature course of study itself!

Below are a few suggestions on how to modify CLAV to be a high school credit-level resource.


Select reading materials

Choose ten literary works (one for each month of the acadeimc year) from CLAV to read in their entirety.


We recommend that you use a mix of short stories and novels.


Develop a curriculum

Use the exercises outlined in CLAV to discuss each story and create longer writing prompts. Additionally, consider asking some of the following questions:

  • What is the author's background?

  • What is the time period and setting of the story?

  • Who are the main characters? What are their roles?

  • What motivates the protagonist?

  • What are the main plot points?

  • What are your favorite parts of the story? Include three, using quotes where applicable.

  • Did you find the ending satisfying? Why or why not?


Read the complete works

Over the course of the school year, read the works that you have selected.


You can find all of the literature in CLAV at your local library or on Project Gutenberg.


Make CLAV your own!

Come up with your own fun exercises and writing assignments based on the works in CLAV

If you'd like more information on making CLAV a high school literature resource, please reach out to us:


"As a 7 - 9th grade English teacher, I was impressed with the CLAV program. The literature excerpts are well-chosen and grade-appropriate, the exercises reinforce that goals of the lesson plan in a fun way, and the writing prompts are useful and effective.  I highly recommend this program!"

~ M.S.

"I love this curriculum so much. I tell everyone about it!!"
~ N.B.

“I love this customer-centered service you have. I am quite impressed. I feel like a very valued customer. So - thank you for that!”
~ C.C.

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