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The Catholic PACE Manual

"It's not always easy to teach a child the difference between right and wrong, but stories - whether they are based on fantasy or rooted in real life - can speak to children more eloquently than any list of dos or don'ts, and can impart moral values as they nurture a child's imagination." – William Kilpatrick


The PACE manual is the centerpiece of the PACE curriculum. This 150+ page book supplies grade-appropriate activities in a variety of areas, including reading, writing, discussion, spiritual studies, and enrichment (art, music, nature/science, and classroom activities).

An open-ended, flexible resource, the PACE manual can be incorporated into existing lesson plans. PACE and its supporting materials can be studied in any order, by multiple students concurrently, and for as many months of the year as desired.

And --- you only have to buy the manual once!


The following virtues are studied in the PACE curriculum:

  • Self-Discipline

  • Faith/Trust

  • Courage

  • Work

  • Compassion

  • Loyalty

  • Perseverance

  • Friendship

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty


In the PACE manual, students are given the opportunity to learn what constitutes true character by engaging in a variety of educational activities.


Each of the virtues listed above is accompanied by exercises in the following ten categories:

  • Quotations

  • Definitions (including synonyms & antonyms)

  • Stories from William Bennett's The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass

  • Bible passages

  • Stories about the saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Recommended book lists

  • Discussion topics

  • Writing prompts

  • Enrichment activities

  • Practical suggestions to incorporate the virtues into everyday life

​Price = just $29.95 (+ shipping)!

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features & benefits


  • complements any curriculum

  • develops listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills

  • movement through the program is not lock-stepped,            affording flexibility

  • the corresponding PACE Workbooks can be used to supplement the Catholic PACE manual with daily exercises

  • the correlated literature* enjoys high credibility


         *The Book of Virtues, The Moral Compass (both of which are 

       available at your local library and used bookstores), and The Bible


  • does not require a scheduled block of instruction time

  • can be incorporated in learning activities

  • can be keyed to interest desire, not ability of the learner

  • virtues are studied concurrently throughout grade levels, thus providing easy implementation for homeschooling families

  • the manual can be used for multiple students for seven consecutive years - that works out to ~$4 per year for the whole family!

Manual Testimonial

"A fellow homeschooling friend and I recently purchased your P.A.C.E. book to assist us in planning a virtue club for our homeschooling group. First, I just wanted to let you know that your book was a godsend for us! We searched high and low for resources, and this truly fit the bill. You've done an excellent job tying in Catholic components (Mary, the saints, the Bible) with the Book of Virtues stories.
Thanks so much for giving Catholics a great resource to teach virtues, especially in a time where there are so many watered-down character training programs out there. We're enjoying your book very much."

~ Monica K., homeschool mom

PACE Flowchart

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