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Heroes in


Heroes at


What is true heroism?

How can you bring heroic virtues to life for your children and students?


These questions & more are addressed in the new PACE curriculum workbook:

Heroes in History, Heroes at Home (H4)!

What is H4 ?

Launched in September 2020, H4 is a stand-alone resource that furthers the core virtue study of the PACE curriculum in a whole new language arts context.


For a junior high audience (grades 8-9), H4 is a flexible program for mixed modal learning environments (in-person, virtual, and hybrid) that utilizes the language arts in order to engage students' critical and creative thinking skills while simultaneously instilling virtues.

*Note that H4 was previously titled CLASP.

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Who is featured in H4 ?

*Once you order H4, your digital download PDF will be sent to you immediately!

H4 contains 20 inspiring stories about veterans, community helpers, historical figures, saints, explorers, and athletes---and even a heroic dog!---all of which will teach your children invaluable lessons while encouraging them to self-reflect on some of life's most important and timeless questions.

Some of the HEROES in H4 include:

  • Rajesh Sharma

  • Helen Keller

  • Mark Twain

  • Maximilian Kolbe

  • The Adams Sisters

What type of academic work is in H4 ?

In addition to concise, engaging biographies, the workbook challenges students via exercises in:

  • reading comprehension (relevant and age-appropriate questions generated to match students' maturity levels and build confidence in communication)

  • standardized test-level vocabulary (including definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and comprehension & fluency exercises)

  • written application (personal application questions; short and long answer prompts; and exercises practicing hierarchical ordering, sentence completion and construction, concise writing, word choice, compare & contrast, and summarizing)

How do I use H4 ?

The ten chapters, corresponding to the ten PACE virtues, can be seamlessly incorporated into any academic curriculum, although the flexible nature of H4 more than allows for use on an informal basis, such as during downtime in a school day.


H4 also includes an Answer Key at the back of the book for stress-free instruction!








  • suggested for grades 8-9

  • language arts, character education

  • 156 pages

  • digital download

  • answer key, vocabulary appendix

  • $11.95

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