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Available now for the first time, the PACE workbooks correspond to the Catholic PACE manual. They are specifically designed to give students from each grade a planned course of study for Character Education.


Each workbook includes daily exercises for every week of the school year.​


The PACE workbooks and PACE manual are designed for use together, as the main content is presented in the manual while specific exercises, questions, and answers are found only in the workbook.


Keep in mind that while the workbooks are intended for individual use, the manual can be used by multiple students concurrently and from year to year.


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

*Workbooks do not correspond with the Non-Denominational Christian PACE manual.


For older students, we offer three additional downloadable workbooks that continue the study of the virtues into junior and high school.


These workbooks, while not directly linked to the PACE manual, can be used in conjunction with the manual, as they follow the same 10-month virtue schedule.

If you're looking for a character education supplement for your older students—or if you want to continue reinforcing the lessons learned in the earlier years of study with PACE—then these three resources are invaluable!

Read a Hero,
Be a Hero

RAHBAH is a virtue resource suggested for students in 7-8th grades.

Heroes in History,
Heroes at Home

Helping students bridge the gap between middle and high school, H4 is recommended for

8-9th grades.

Classic Literature
and Virtue

CLAV can be used with students in 9-10th grades to continue reinforcing principles of character education from the PACE curriculum.

Want more? Check out our PACE Banners for a colorful, interactive way to supplement your virtues program!

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