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2nd Grade Workbook

The 2nd Grade PACE workbook, companion to the PACE manual, uses grade-appropriate exercises and activities to reinforce the virtues studied in the curriculum. Students using this workbook improve Language Arts skills while studying character-building concepts. Each exercise, using proven teaching methods, has specific instructions designed for the student to work independently on daily tasks.

The easy-to-follow format features more than 150 pages of lively exercises and lessons.

Every book in the PACE Workbook Series features exercises 

relating to grammar, vocabulary and usage, definitions, writing mechanics, and reading. As they advance through the Series, students review and build incrementally upon skills covered in previous workbooks for long-term mastery of foundational Language Arts skills.


All workbooks include an answer key and book review templates.

*NOTE: The PACE workbooks DO NOT correspond to the Non-Denominational Christian PACE manual.*



  • beginning reading & comprehension

  • synonyms & antonyms

  • short answers

  • prefixes & suffixes

  • comparing

  • noun recognition

  • alphabetizing

  • matching

  • beginning sequencing

  • capitalization

  • pluralizing

  • rhyming


  • 159 pages

  • lay-flat spiral binding

  • end-of-year assessment

  • certificate of completion

*Workbooks do not correspond with the Non-Denominational Christian PACE manual.

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